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About Hostile

Welcome to Hostile's Guild Website.

Hostile is a Casual Raiding guild on the Hyjal realm of World of Warcraft. We are casual is two ways.

1) We're fairly laid back and expect only a few minimum requirements in order to raid with us,

and 2) we keep a very light raiding schedule; our primary raid times are Tues and Thurs 7 - 10 pm Server.

We are a pretty laid back group of individuals; the core members of our guild have been playing WoW together for almost 10 yerars. We are always welcome to new players looking for a new home that don't want to feel the constant pressure of high profile raiding. We're crazy, opinionated, and generally entertaining to hang out with. We have very few rules and will welcome just about anyone.

If you are interested in joining please feel free to message one of the current officers, or Dyerwolf on this website or in game for details on what 
we are looking for.

Thank you for stopping by... Dyerwolf

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Guild First 110's Week 5

by Faultye, 60 days ago

My apologies for the delay, but Tuesday was a crazy day and it completely slipped my mind.

Congratulations to our Final set of honorees for reaching level 110. It's been a hard road, especially with limited time, but you all made it.

I am certain there are more to come (for example Rollinhotss just made it to 110 yesterday) but alas I have to draw the line somewhere. For those who are still working on it, keep at it. We're rooting for you.

Also, congrats to all the attendees on our second week of raiding. First three bosses in Emerald Dream down in one night. Good job to everyone for their efforts. Let's keep it up and get working on Heroic before 7.1 drops. :)

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Guild First 110's Week 4

by Faultye, 69 days ago

Hostile Hyjal Guild First 110s Week 4

Congratulations to this week's new level 110s, 2 of which are alts. Special cheers go out to Shemy for having the first 2nd 110 in the guild with Rayon (you beat me by 2 days.) Special shout out to Avilane for also having a 2nd 110 (Avylane), he probably beat Shemy but alas his mage was not in the guild at the time.

I'll do one more week since I see a handful right on the cusp of reaching 110. So if you haven't made it, don't stop now... Salvation is at hand.

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Guild First 110's Week 3

by Faultye, 76 days ago

This week it's all about Shimy! That's Right! The only person to get to level 110 this past week. But don't feel too lonely. There's a couple that will make it next week for sure.

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Guild First 110's Week 2

by Faultye, 83 days ago

Hostile World of Warcraft Hyjal Week 2 First 100s

Congratulations to this weeks' guild first 110s. After the performance I saw during week 1 I thought we might see more here. And truth be told I thought It was going to only be Selyndria and myself up here. Grats to Smix on making it in at the last second.

Keep up the good work everyone.

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Guild First 110's Week 1

by Faultye, 90 days ago

Hostile Guild Week 1 110s

It's that time again. A new Expansion means new levels, and the race is on.

Congratulations to our First Week 110's for World of Warcraft: Legion.

Honorable mention goes to Scubysnax for also being 110 in the first week however he was not in our guild at the time.

Hmm... Looking at this picture I am pretty sure Dyer had the inside information on how many 110's we'd have this week to make sure he was in the center spot. ;)

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